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  • Want everyone to know how much you love your local combat community? Well now you can! Advertise your love for our combat community (and independent publishing!) with these GORGEOUS, EXCLUSIVE Choke Clinch Crank Combat stickers and patches.


    Each bundle includes:

    1 x CCCC Patch

    1 x CCCC Sticker Sheet

    1 copy of Choke Clinch Crank Combat


    *Each order comes with a personalised notecard


    Stick them on your laptop! Bottles! Bags! Cats! FRIENDS! And when someone asks you about your cool new merch, you can whip out your copy of CCCC and tell them all about it <3.


    • Standard Shipping: $1.50 (3-5 Working Days)

    • Hello! Please note that all orders placed after 8th December will be shipped after the 15th of December!


      If you need your items urgently, do email us!

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